Entertainmentxray is a blog that examines American pop culture and media along with it’s effects on our everyday lives.  It features six authors with unique opinions on different subjects.

Elizabeth Zentner:  I am currently studying History at Colorado State University and I am in my third year.  I absolutely love all things history, you can probably say I’m a bit of a nerd.   I am passionate about making people feel good about themselves, and I’m really into social media.  My blogs on this site focus mostly on Facebook and it’s effects on who you are as a person.  I also hope to someday become the 21st century Indiana Jones.  Enjoy!

Jonathan Apodaca: I am currently a Junior at Colorado State University studying Computer Science.  I am extremely interested in Internet privacy issues, as well as how the general public needs to be educated on tracking techniques.  When I’m not programming on my computer, I like to ski, record old hymns, and drive my old stick-shift car.  In my blog posts, my focus is on educating American Internet users about behavioral tracking, and audience measurement on websites supported by advertisements.

Mason Handke: I am a junior at Colorado State University, and I study Natural Resources Recreation and Tourism. My blogs will be focusing into how popular culture and media effect much of our lives, from political elections to personal choices.

Becky Hutchens: Hello! I am an animal-lover currently working on a zoology degree at Colorado State University. I love manatees, dessert, and reading books. My writing on this site will focus mainly on wildlife documentaries and the issues concerning them.

Mathew Brennan:  I am currently a senior studying English and writing at Colorado State University.  I thoroughly enjoy the outdoors, and am an avid fan of live music.  My writing on this blog will focus on the hip-hop genre, how perceptions and beliefs are created about the community.  I will be attempting to promote a more unified and encompassing perception of the genre, and illuminate the potential for its positive effects on the individual and society.

Beka Brown:  I’m a senior studying health and exercise sciences at CSU.  I really like animals and enjoy volunteering and serving in various capacities in the community and at my Church.  My blog post is looking into misconceptions the media has about Christianity and Christians, and trying to correct them.


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